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On this page, I will attempt to compile and explain all the terminology unique to the world of Chainmail Bikini. Basically anything unique to my story that you can't just google. If you have any questions, please ask! :)

Adventurers Guild - The Adventurers Guild is an organization that spans the entirety of the Dwelmlunds and is made up of individuals of extraordinary skill and power. It exists to provide the populace with affordable access to mercenaries and troubleshooters of the highest caliber and at the same time, to limit the damage such ‘heroes’ might cause.

Dwelmlunds - The Dwelmlunds are a loose coalition of countries made up mostly of the ‘goodly’ races, elves, humans, dwarves, gnomes, and wildlings. The counties include the theocracy of Omen to the south, the Kingdom of Essels centrally, the oligarchy of Trenk, and the mercantile coalition of Deryn in the north.
The Dwelmlunds are hemmed in by the great Rultine forest on the west, and the mighty Bramblehorn mountains to the east on the Aedreen subcontinent.

St. Aisa - One of the most popular Saints, Aisa is the patron of light and justice. Often referred to as the Lady of Light. Statues of St. Aisa are commonly seen in or near courts. She was thought to be a human woman with flowing blond hair, and is most commonly remembered for slaying the dragon Brahmaus after being blinded by his servants.

St. Oster - Known as the Gemstone Saint, Oster is officially the patron of craftsmen, especially gem cutters. Unofficially, St. Oster has become very popular with thieves and fences, especially ones who love precious stones. St. Oster is usually believed to be a dwarf, although some stories say he is a gnome, with shining stones woven into his beard. After being forced to mine for the dragon Dorgogog, Oster presented a diamond hammer to his captor, then slew the wyrm with it.

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