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Chapter 2 Page 8.

I'm trying out coloring in Clip Studio Paint. What do you think? I'm liking it. Have a few kinks to iron out though. As you may have noticed, I will change my style a little (or a lot) here and there as I progress as an artist and webcomicker. I hope it's not too off putting to the story.

So I've started a Patreon page and I already have two amazing patrons, which I am surprised and super greatful for! I got rid of the 'extras' button and replaced it with a Patreon button, since any extra stuff I do will end up there.

I also added one of those top website vote buttons if you feel like voting for me (In theory to help get more traffic to my site). Other things I'd like to add in the future: Donate button for those not interested in Patreon and a Comment Box so fans can heckle and jeer at me.

Oh, also, I've decided that I should be able to do two pages a month alright with my current work schedule. I'll probably eventually try to do a set schedule of posting on the 1st and the 15th, or something like that once I get my shit together. Don't hold me to that yet though.

Did you notice I have an RSS feed?

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