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Page 20.

Well I was a few minutes late of Tuesday but oh well! Done with the first chapter finally!

I've changed my days off to Monday now so I will try to start updating then (and try to be more regular). That said, I'm probably going to go on a brief hiatus again to finish thumbing out chapter 2 and recombobulating the web page to make it look cooler. I'm not totally happy with the look of my comic yet, so expect some tweaks there too. Thanks so much for reading!

I'll say tentatively that I'll be back around Monday the 4th of March. I'll try to let you know if that changes.

Edit (Feb. 25 2013): I've retroactively inserted a cover page for the first chapter. Check it out here!

I also asked for a review from forum regular and webcomicker Liberty Cabbage. You can read the review here. It's pretty scathing, but fair. I know I have a lot of things to improve upon to make Chainmail Bikini even half-way decent.

Thank you for reading my first bumbling attempt at a web comic, hopefully it will keep getting better from here!

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